Achieving a New Balance

The world of the future may be very different from today, yet there are some things that should remain the same. People continue to crave the touch of others, and even virtual hugs across the distance between them are not sufficient. For those who see the world has already changed in what used to be the basic roles of men and women in relationships, it is bound to go further. Couples today are struggling with achieving a new balance between work and home life, and their roles are still awkward. Women are now putting off their decision to have children to focus on their careers, and it can be difficult for men to accept.

There have always been imbalances between men and women, and the future may not completely change that. Biology is not a concept that can be easily changed. As the future comes whizzing into reality, there may be those who find ways to reproduce without the need for human touch or even gestation. That may be part of the future, yet there may always be some who prefer traditional methods.

Every major change in technology has changed human lifestyles, and people have been able to adapt. While it may seem the world is sometimes more isolated and lonely, that is a condition that has always existed for some. Breaking out of isolation can be done with determination, and even mixing career and family life for a good balance is possible.

There are no easy answers to what the future holds, and imagination must be part of it. Knowing that romance will never quite go away should be a comfort for many, and participating in it is all part of the human experience. Life today is far different from what it was just a century ago, and the chances that it will change radically again are never far from reality.